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This morning can be summed up very simply. Get on the road at 8am and drive 190kms. At 10am turn left and get fuel. Drive another 200kms and at 12pm turn right. Yes a very long and uneventful start to the day. The roads were wider and better than they have been so it was pretty simple (but long) driving.

Arriving at Esperance, the first thing you notice is the humidity that hits you. It was only 28 but it seemed hotter. After lunch we headed off to explore and started down by the harbour where there were a lot of big grain boats…..ok so that took 2 minutes.

Esperance museum was the next stop. This is probably one of the strangest collections of junk I have ever seen, there is absolutely no rhyme nor reason to what is in there. Included in the collection, amongst many other things were, car ornaments, old farm tools, a model aircraft, old medical instruments, phone boxes, sea shells, maritime buoys a steam loco and even old bibles. Someone had even decided to donate their collection of old barbed wire. Honestly, who donates old barbed wire?

The only reason we went in (and spent our $10) was that it also houses the largest collection of Skylab debris. Quick recap, you know the story, America’s first manned space station, Skylab, launched in 1974, came crashing back to earth in 1978 over WA.

Firstly how unlucky could you be. 70% of the possible landing sites are water and even if you do manage to hit WA, there is so much of Evan’s “middle of nowhere” you could land an entire spaceship and no-one would notice it for decades. There was however a warning to the locals so they actually noticed when 30 tonnes of space junk hit the area. The biggest piece was a water tank that was three metres long and about a meter in diameter.

Interestingly the local government response to being bombarded by 30 tonnes of space junk was to issue a $400 fine for littering. A fine the yanks did pay.

The Esperance Museum promotes itself as the “Best show in town”. This does not bode well for the remainder of the attractions!!!!

Behind the museum is a ‘historic village’ which was nothing more than a collection of modern shops (and every second shop in Esperance is an art gallery) built into old buildings. One was an outlet for Simmo’s Ice cream from Margaret River so that one was the only one we went into

The rest of the afternoon was filled with truly important activities; playing on the playground, a nap for Az, Evan riding his bike and digging holes at the beach across the road.

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