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dick moody, this is our little key west, only 22 miles off the coast of ca...catalina island (photo link below) i doubt the keys can beat the mountain views as is here... AND it is NEVER humid or hot hot! and to get a CAR on the island, you need an act of congress...

our day 53 we spent in LA eating breakfast at one of LA's popular local rest., a small one on figuerioa street, another popular place in LA... our photos today are just random not anything special except the rest., called the pantry. we are camping on the ocean at long beach, ca... today we went to catalina island for the day, a 22mi trip by boat, off the coast of calif., for lunch we had pizza slices and dinner we had swordfish sandwich w/ff/cole slaw and shrimp cocktails - after this, we plan to go to bakersfield, ca., to one of our fav dance spots, the crystal palace, buck owens' place. we plan to stay there for a few days then MAYBE hed home... our trip from here on is a day by day thing... hay, we're retired and have a mini air force one mobile, we can go anywhere on a moments notice...

our day 53 in LA photos...


our day 54 on catalina island photos...


google map of on ship to catalina island... (note it show us out to sea, land mass is in lower left)


google map of avalon, ca., on catalina island



where we are camped...google map



where the pantry restaurant in LA is located...google map


ron & bebe

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