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Poor Dipt had a very close call in Covington & surely used...

Wednesday, October 28 thru Sunday, November 8, 2009

We arrived for our first visit to North Shores RV Resort in mid-afternoon to find our registration info in an envelope taped to the office door. As we approached our assigned site, we found the roads almost impossible to maneuver through. The were very steep, very narrow and full of hairpin turns - not want you want to pull a large RV through!! We made it, however, and got set up in a sea of red Georgia mud. The site was anything but level, but, hey, that’s what leveling blocks are for! Because this area is so hilly, the owners have built nice decks at each site with railings and a picnic table. It sort of takes the edge off the negatives.

We’ve only spoken to a few people here. Folks seem to be polite but very friendly. Maybe that’s due to it being a membership park where you lease a lot long term. The people on either side of us have been here for about a year, and many others look even more permanent.

There seem to be a number of children living here at the park and getting home schooled.

Thursday & Friday nights were quite interesting as people arrived after 9 PM and tried to get through these roads and onto their sites. No way would we have attempted it after dark. It seemed a lot of people were coming in for Halloween. The activities schedule included lots of things for the kids, including 1 ½ hours dedicated to trick-or-treating. We’d gone to the store for candy once, but had to go back for more when someone told us he’d had about 50 kids at his door last year. This park is 3+ miles from any sort of development or town. Where, or where, had 50 munchkins come from?? Well you could have knocked me over with a feather when, at 7:30 - the end of trick-or-treating time - our kid count was up to 72, and they were all from the park!! Please note that this occurred during a steady rain.

The remaining days here passed uneventfully. We both had some projects to work on, the weather was about perfect so sitting out on the deck and reading was a frequent activity, and, of course, we watched the leaves fall. We had planned to stay here until Tuesday morning, but the forecast is for heavy rain to move in late Monday night and continue throughout Tuesday and maybe into Wednesday. Consequently, we have decided to pack up Monday morning and get to Covington (same forecast) before we have to do this in the rain.

Monday, November 9 thru Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The forecast rain arrived right on schedule, and we were very glad we’d relocated to Covington a day early. Since we were there Tuesday, we were able to help the Whitaker’s in getting set up at the American Legion Lodge for the Thanksgiving dinner they were cooking for on Thursday. Wednesday was a busy day for the Whitaker’s. Glenn was the Keynote speaker at the Legion’s Veteran’s Day celebration at 11 AM then he rushed to the hospital where their daughter gave birth to her second child shortly after noon. Thursday, they cooked 5 large turkey breasts and put together the required side dishes in order to serve a wonderful dinner to about 60 people that evening

Dipt had a very close call during this time period. He was gone for more than 40 hours, causing us a great deal of worry. Then, Glenn saw him lying in the driveway, maybe 200 ft from our RV. He couldn’t walk and had dragged himself from who knows where. He was exhausted and very scared. We took him to the vet and found that he was suffering from an impact injury from falling, probably from a tree. He needed surgery to implant an artificial ligament so that he’d be able to walk again. His recovery is predicted to take about 12 weeks. During this time he has lots of pills to take, he has to wear a cone on his head, he cannot climb any stairs, and he must be kept quiet. Yes, it’s going to be a long winter for us all!

After delaying our departure from Covington two days so that Dipt could have his surgery, we’ll be on our way tomorrow, Wednesday, to Florida.

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