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We were up at 6:30 this morning after sleeping with all of the windows open last night. I awoke 15 minutes or so before we slipped out of bed. I lay there listening to the early morning stillness. The sound of a cricket and the rustle of palm leaves as the breeze caused them to rub together.

When I became aware that Marilyn was awake too, I asked her to forget about fixing coffee this morning. We could go to “Mingo’s” for breakfast.

We walked in to our favorite place for breakfast, just about 7:30 and ordered our favorite dish, Juevos Rancheros.

We had a fine meal at the home of our friends, Dan & Pat, last evening, and in spite of that, we devoured our breakfast with gusto.

We sat talking over our coffee, and remembered our friend, Steve DeGrave, who also liked the same breakfast dish. I had teased him about the “vegetable soup” they placed on the table. The “soup” was actually a spicy salsa.

Later in the day we received an e-mail from Steve and he mentioned the times we shared breakfast at Mingo’s. He also remembered the “Soup”.

Once Marilyn & I returned to the RV this morning, both of us set to work getting some chores done. Marilyn did several loads of laundry and straightened the house, setting out the little “knick-knacks” which make a house a home. The inside of the RV looks really nice and one can tell that we are now in the “settled-in” mode rather than “travel” mode.

I took the electric meter reading up to the office, and told them about the cable TV problem and the ants we see along the perimeter of our site.

I was working outside when the guy came by to spray for ants.

I unloaded the back of the truck, putting things away as I went.

I then cleaned the water filter system, put new filters in the containers, and connected that up. I re-installed the truck bed cover and then went back into the RV to take a much needed shower.

A call to our mail forwarding service assured that our mail is on the way and another call to “Steve II” arranged an appointment to have our rig washed and waxed tomorrow.

I had set up our lawn furniture outside anticipating a “Happy Hour” later in the day, but a steady light drizzle forced me to go back outside to fold up the tables and chairs and put them away.

Renee & Roger, who we had met in Hannibal, MO came by to visit and we enjoyed seeing them again.

Marilyn & I shared a bite of lunch and then drove to the Rec Hall to purchase tickets for the Thanksgiving Dinner. We remembered to get tickets for our friends, Jesse & Ginger also.

The resort will serve Roast Turkey, dressing, potatoes & gravy, cranberry salad, various vegetables, yams, Smoked Turkey, Roast Pork Loin, and Ham. Hot rolls, tea, coffee and assorted pie with whipped topping will also be on hand. I think we can handle it ok.

We took time to visit the library and brought home a handful of new books to read.

So, it has been a busy day so far. Maybe tomorrow we’ll find more time to relax in the sunshine.

At 4:00 in the afternoon, Gary & Bobbie walked over from across the street. Dan & Pat were next to arrive, followed by Roger & Renee. When we noticed Dale & Linda we asked them to come on over and they did, so we had a nice group getting together for a cold drink and conversation. It was nice for everyone to meet each other and get acquainted.

The no-see-ums drove us in about the time it began to get dark outdoors.

Marilyn popped some popcorn after serving up a piping hot BBQ sandwich for dinner.

Now we are ready to settle down to watch “Dancing with the Stars”.

We just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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