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I'm in Tibet!

Actually it's really now China, with a few poor Tibetans handing on for dear life as the Chinese come in and destroy the place.

Every now and the we are taken to a nice monastery that somehow survived the destruction that took place when the Chinese took over Tibet. Even then we're not sure just how original things are. Outside of that we are seeing nasty new Chinese development, with towns resembling those you would find in China. Most of the old Tibetan houses have been destroyed.

The start of the Tibet tour was Kathmandu to Nyalam, then on to Tingri and Lhatse. Nothing hugely interesting - we were supposed to be able to see Everest and friends from some of the mountain passes, but it was cloudy. That's nature. Still, I want to do Everest the proper way, with a trek one day. So I'm glad I didn't get to see it.

Accommodation as you can see was in a dormitory for the first night. It was so windy that one of the windows blew out during the night and we had to jury rig a fix to keep what remained of the windows closed. The temperature was close to zero.....

Forgive me for not adding photo descriptions, we are touring all day, so my internet time is limited for now.....

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