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Debra at home

Some of the gang in the kitchen

We had a fine time at the home of our friends, Debra & Brian, last night. Debra is the daughter of my classmate, Sherry.

The entire group had arrived ahead of us, so we were quickly offered a cold drink and went out back to sit beside the pool, with most of the others.

We enjoyed the conversation and the relaxing atmosphere. Being with long time friends in a comfortable setting is about as good as it gets.

After the sun went down, it cooled off and slowly the number of people sitting outdoors dwindled down. The last few of us finally joined the others inside.

BBQ beef brisket, a potato casserole, and an oriental salad were served and the conversation grew a bit more quiet as we ate this fine meal. In fact, everyone opted to wait until later for some dessert.

There were eight of us playing Mexican Train while the others played Eight Ball on the pool table.

It was 11:00 PM or so before we bid our goodnight to the group, taking time to make sure everyone shared a hug and a “So Long”.

Regrettably we were having such a good time that we forgot to take pictures. Marilyn did manage to get two pictures before she became too busy, so I’ll post them for you.

We arrived back at the RV and were in bed by midnight.

Both of us slept well and were up by 6:30 this morning. We shared our morning coffee inside, looking out at the heavy fog.

I was able to post some pictures on yesterday’s journal entry. They are of our time at the Riverwalk, and those of you who are fans of San Antonio will enjoy them.

Marilyn & I decided to get a few chores done and then drive to the local HEB store to pick up some supplies. I filled the truck with fuel at a price of $2.659 per gallon before we returned to the RV.

With the groceries put away, Marilyn continued getting the rig ready for the road, on the inside.

I ate a bite of lunch, before starting my chores. We finished off the steak and bean salad which were left-overs. I just had to help clean things up, so I finished off the razzleberry pie with Cool Whip.

Having done my duty in this area, I went outdoors to complete some of my own chores out there. I filled up the 12v cooler before straightening up the basement storage area.

With that done, I had room to put all of the lawn furniture away.

Only a few more things to do today, and we’ll be ready for an early start tomorrow.

We called our friends, Dan & Pat, and were delighted that they were less than 100 miles away from Llano Grande.

They will be there to greet us when we arrive tomorrow. We certainly plan to have a “Happy Hour” with them tomorrow. It will be so nice to see these good friends again.

In fact, we have many friends now on their way to the Rio Grande Valley, and it won’t be long before we are all together again.

I have to tell you, this retirement is wonderful. It is a gorgeous day outdoors. We have the windows open and a nice breeze is coming in, a college football game is on the TV, and Marilyn is sitting in her recliner, sleeping, with an open book on her lap.

What a life!

The journal tomorrow will be written from our winter home in Mercedes.

By that time we will know what that day has in store…..

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