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Sign for Football Hall of Fame

Pictures showing the renovations to the Football Hall of Fame

Brad outside the Football Hall of Fame

The jerseys of some of the football stars including Tom Brady &...

Barb next to the superbowl trophy

Behalt Anabaptist/Menonite Center

Anabaptist/Menonite Timeline

Well, Brad decided he wanted to stay another night here in the Amish area. We will be leaving here tomorrow and going to Indianapolis for a few nights.

Yesterday we went to Behalt - the Amish and Menonite Heritage Center in Berlin. We had our own private guided tour of the cyclorama a 10 ft. x 265 ft. floor to ceiling painting depicting the history of the sects. It was very interesting. We also went to a craft barn and Christmas shop. The Christmas shop was three floors of trees and decorations. It's a good thing there's not room for a lot in the coach. There was so much we could have bought. Last night we went out for a traditional Amish dinner.

Today we went back into Canton. We went to the Football Hall of Fame. If you are really into football and have followed the teams for several years you could spend hours in there. I went through part of it with Brad and then found a seating area and sat there and waited for Brad to finish going through the rest of it. We can now say we've been there.

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