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A day at sea. How lovely! Now this is truly relaxing. I laid on the indoor pool lounges all day. Here’s the picture for your mind, towel for a pillow, towel for a raised leg platform, towel to cover me as a blanket when I felt a nap creeping in. I had people serving me food and drink while I read and just remembered how to Be again. I am really enjoying the folks on the ship. My leg has drawn quite a bit of attention and I realized how very lovely and compassionate people can be. Everyone would like to help if they could. But, it has been an ice breaker of sorts and I have gotten the opportunity to know people in a greater depth due to pain empathy. My dad did a good job as well, by getting 15 stitches in his head when he fell asleep on the edge of the bed and hit his head on the wall molding. Quite the family pair we make (ha ha ha)

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