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French Legation Museum - Front of House

French Legation Museum - Detached Kitchen

French Legation Museum - Garden

French Legation Museum - Garden

French Legation Museum - Garden

French Legation Museum - Original Keys to Legation

Today I visited the French Legation Museum, the oldest home in Austin, situated on Robertson Hill. It consisted of 22 acres at the time it was purchased by Anson Jones, who later became the last president of the Republic of Texas. He sold it on September 15, 1840, to Alphonse de Saligny, Charge d'Affaires of the French king Louis Philippe. Saligny built the house and occupied it until April 1, 1842. Others who subsequently owned the house were John Mary Odin, first bishop of the Diocese of Galveston; Moseley Baker, a hero of the Texas revolution and congressman of the Republic; and Dr. Joseph W. Robertson, for whom the hill is named. The State of Texas purchased the site in 1945.

The site now consists of only 2.5 acres and there are only four buildings remaining on the site: The original home and three reconstructed buildings - the detached kitchen, an outhouse and the carriage house, which now houses the gift shop and museum office. During reconstruction, it was discovered that original peoples had lived here as far back as 4000 B.C. (

After my visit at the French Legation Museum, I had intended to visit the State Cemetery. However, when I got stuck behind four large school buses full of shrieking kids, I decided that another day would be better for my explorations there!

On the way home, I stopped at the Mid-Town RV Park to check it out and to see whether there would be a vacancy on November 21, when my time at Royal Palms is up. I spoke with the owner by phone and she stated that she would have some openings by then. I told her that I'd like a site close to the office so I would have a strong WiFi signal. Mid-Town is closer to downtown Austin and the monthly rent is $25 cheaper.

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