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our day 50 on the road and 36th on rt66...

these last 100miles of rt66 are the mosr difficult thru LA - many things to see and photo... the area is very smog unfriendly, areas where some would feel unsafe... roadsways are not well named, street signs are missing, streets are very narrow, and when people look at you, you get the feeling they're saying "hay, get out of my hood!"... and to top that, we are getting lost from the lost/stolen/missing signs, have to retrack our trip to be on the route to see the things we want to see, plus, having to camp miles from our last stop off point. our photos are not the best but what you see is what we do and some of the photos may not make sense to you but it is something to us... i have mantioned many times on all out trips, YOU have to do it to understand and see this great country for youself to get the REAL picture...

our day 36 on rt66 photos, some of these we will have to redo tomorrow...bad hair day!


ps) we try to get a city name before each group of photos to let you know where the photos were BUT not always - one day we will caption all photos, it is too much to do now...

our camp is the same as last night, another 40mi round trip...

where we are tonight re-google maps

pomona, ca: again!


ron & bebe

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