The entry sign on the highway

The hard working manager couple Judy and Bob

flag pole at the highway entrance

cards and billards at Jims

patio behind the clubhouse

the club house where all the action happens

inside the clubhouse

office and Jims

next to the clubhouse

mini golf behind the office

library behind the office

behind the office, too.

Ahh, the Chuck Wagon where good things happen

Bambi likes walking in the desert, but be careful!

We reside on Dalton drive.

Our new plants for the summer, er uh, winter. hehe I forgot.

sparse in the park, for now.

our setup, comfy, huh?

Oh yea, very comfy...

sunrise over the Harcuvar Mtn's

Ken, in his Polaris RZR, Dave rode with him . . .

most anything goes if it's 4X4 and small


It's always a nice easy drive from Las Vegas to Salome, AZ, about 250 miles straight down hwy 95 to Parker then over to Salome on hwy 72. We arrived about 3:00 in the afternoon, got setup and rested. This is the first "real" stop without any obligations AND with real nice weather. WE held back in Las Vegas for one day due to high winds there and all the way down hwy 95. We don't drive if the winds OR the gusts are over 40 mph. As we are writing this blog entry, it's 93 degrees outside with a slight breeze, see why we like it here?

One of the biggest draws to this particular RV park is it's proximity to the wide open desert. There are many sports and interests one can develop for the desert life. Among them are; walking, hiking, biking, ATV'ing, mining, birding. There are a few pics of guys getting ready to head out for an afternoon of riding the trails. One guy, Ken, offered the opportunity to go with him. Encouraged by Rebecca to "check it out" and have fun, Dave went and had a blast. These guys are VERY serious about riding, safety and conservation of the outback desert. Everyone stayed on existing trails, nobody littered, in fact, picked up some litter that wasn't theirs. Everyone got home safely after a 30 mile ride.

Not everyone has arrived in this park for the winter, after all, the place just opened for the season on Oct 1st. The pictures you see of the park will not have too many RV's, but shortly after we arrived they started coming. And RV's will continue to arrive till just before Thanksgiving, then the place will pretty much stay full till March. We are disappointed that Jan the cook and her crew won't open the Chuck Wagon til 2 days after we leave. Great food, BEST cinnamon rolls in the western states.

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