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We slept well last night with no heat in the house, and then turned on the fireplace just to take the chill off this morning.

The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky as we sat drinking our morning coffee.

Marilyn got busy with laundry, cleaning the rig from top to bottom, and moving her palm tree around in an attempt to keep it in the sunshine. She also cleaned our closets and stored any winter clothing under the bed.

I decided to repair Marilyn’s chair today. Although I had help from my friend, Steve, the last time I fixed this problem, I managed to get it repaired with a little help from Marilyn.

I’ll admit that it did take me longer to fix it this time.

I then went outdoors to replace the light under the entry steps. I located everything I needed except the two self tapping screws which hold the light in place, and it would have been a simple repair if I had been able to locate those screws. Not wanting to make a run to the store, I have made the decision to wait until we get to the valley before tackling this job again.

We shared leftover BBQ chicken and some of that delicious bean salad we had yesterday, for our lunch.

Yesterday we picked up a couple of sirloin steaks at HEB. They were on sale for $3.79 per pound.

We are having grilled sirloin steak, salad and a baked potato for dinner tonight.

We had a nice email from our friends, Kit & Jerry, this morning.

Jennifer called several times today and it is always good to hear her voice, even if we don’t have anything new to talk about.

We also had a phone call from another long time friend, Dave, in Wichita. He gave me some information about another long time pilot friend who lives in Michigan. I’ll be in touch with him soon.

Anyway, Marilyn baked a Razzleberry Pie this afternoon and is now ready for me to get busy with the grilling.


That was one delicious meal, if I do say so myself! The steak was perfectly cooked and tender as well. Really good with a salad and a baked potato. The pie will be served later as we watch some TV.

We are looking forward to the arrival of my classmates tomorrow. Friends for more than 50 years are special and we are anxious to see these good people again.

I guess I had better wrap this journal entry and call it a day. It has been a wonderful day and we are ready to face whatever adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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