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Niiigel sips his 'small' coffee

Today is our last day in Egypt. We spent the day running small errands and just not doing a whole lot!! We found a really relaxing place to stay --the Canadian Hostel!!!

Wrapping up Egypt:

Egypt was definately a mixed bag. While the scams and constant drive to make a quick sell keeps you on your toes and lets you hone your bartering skills, it really starts to wear you down after a while.

Nevertheless, the sites were amazing and we both really enjoyed them. Even the felucca ride, however short, was a nice touch.

The local fare was great. The highlights were Subia (refreshing fermented fig drink), Baba ganough (chunky paste of eggplant, garlic, olive oil) which had a nice smokey taste, ta'amiya (deep fried felafel patty), kushari (noodles, rice, and beans mixed together - odd, but good), the dessert sahlab (custard, chocolate sauce, mango sauce and nuts), and of course Kofta and Shish Kebabs.

Snorkelling in the Red Sea and hiking up Mt. Sinai were definately a nice touches too. It was great to wind down our stay in Egypt with a chill out place like Dahab. We could have stayed there a few more days sipping on fresh strawberry juice!!!

Alas, it's time to move on to greener pastures!!!!

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