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Ruins at Ephesus

Nicely framed picture

A whole lot more to be excavated



Can't be too old...they used brick

St Johns tomb

The city of Kudasi


The walk to the ancient market place (down hill)

Hard to see, but each little opening is a different stall for...

Baptisim pool at Mary's house


Lady angel

Staying off the foot


Ancient ampitheatre


Peace at home, peace in the World --- Nice!

Getting holy water

Ancient medical symbol

Cats everywhere

Grounds at Mary's house

Hidden definition of the "one God" written in the floor

Hidden symbol

holy water gatherers

cold crewman

chapel at Mary's house





getting silk strands from cocoons

A freezing cold play was performed


cold fake horn blowers

Prayer Wall at Mary's house

Statue donated by the pope

Guard at Mary's house

Cool old wooden chair...wonder how many people have sat in this chair?

Great trip through ancient Ephesus. Went to Mary's house. Went to the ruins. Very cold and windy. But, great anyway. Had a biblical lunch. We saw how they got silk threads from the cocoons. Very worth the reinjured calf. Ouch.

It was amazying that the ruins are thousands of years old and they have only just begun to uncover what the area truly might have looked like in the past. It was a busy market place at one time (reminds me of the Grand Bazaar). With great architecture and stone/marble carvings.

It was interesting trying to imagine what it would have been like to live and walk these streets thousands of years ago. Traders and craftsman from all of the surrounding areas would come. The wealthy would stroll up and down the walks viewing the latest wares. Not too much unlike how it is today.

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