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our day 45th & 46th & days 31 & 32 on rt66...

been so busy doing stuff, had no time do upload photos for the last few days, so here they are and i'm sure you've been awaiting them... in the past two days we've seen so much of rt66's fun stuff, a crazy upbeat diner & town to boot as well as far out rt66 roads in the mountains, several towns, w/warmer weather, still cool at night as is the desert, in kingman (day 31) day 32 was a real surprise w/desert hilly cliff hanger roads (sorry JJ, i was wrong about steep roads with NO guard rails) the road to a wild little town called oatman was a fun windy/hilly/sheer hanger road w/hairpin turns and bebe drove the whole way while i prayed at each turn, saying enough prayers in one day to last me a full year! but we made it in one piece boof us! but the town of oatman was well worth the trip... (day 32, today)... we are in our "california or bust" state, california camping in needles - barstow is our next big town visit, tomorrow with another but a few more photos to be had in needles... we had better gas up in needles because there is NO gas or services between needles and newberry springs, some 124mi...

our day 31 on rt66 photos


our day 32 on rt66 photos


our locations by google maps...

needles camp


ron & bebe

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