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Wow! I slept for 10 hours last night and awoke feeling fine!

Marilyn & I sat in our recliners with a cup of hot coffee, talking about the things we wanted to accomplish today.

Once the coffee was finished, she took a package of chicken out of the freezer, so that it would be thawed in time for me to grill it for dinner.

She also put in a load of laundry, while I unloaded a few things from the truck.

We changed the sheets on the bed and I took a shower, then dressed in some clean clothing.

We waited until the dryer was finished and then headed to the HEB, where we managed to escape a bit more than $100 lighter in the wallet.

We had a phone call from Jennifer while we were checking out but couldn’t reach the phone before she hung up. She didn’t answer when we called back so we left a message.

As we started home in the truck, the phone rang again and we thought, “Oh, that’s Jennifer calling back”. Wrong!

It was our friends, Kit & Jerry, who were on our side of town, on a shopping trip from their home in Brackettville. They asked us if we had time to join them for lunch. We agreed and they arrived shortly after we had the groceries put away.

After exchanging hugs and greetings, we rode to lunch with Kit & Jerry.

It was a short drive to the “Olive Garden” where we all enjoyed the Soup, Salad and Breadsticks for lunch. We then went in to the “Best Buy”, located in the same shopping center as the restaurant. Jerry & Kit wanted to look at the new Mac computers.

I was an innocent bystander but was suitably impressed by the newest technology, while Marilyn was most impressed by the lack of cables running everywhere. She still believes that us men use the number of cables, as a sign of our masculinity. Hmmm….

Just call me “Macho Man”! LOL

Back at the RV we said “So Long” to these good friends and went inside.

I decided to get started on this journal entry while Marilyn began cutting up some vegetables for a Bean Salad Recipe we were given by Sandy in Ft Worth. I know what we will be eating with the BBQ chicken tonight.

I have a “Fix-It” agenda for tomorrow morning, but I’ll have to wait to tell you about that in another entry.

We spoke to Ginger & Jesse today, and they have reserved a site very close to us, for three months this winter at Llano Grande. Yahoo!

Now I need to get outdoors, light the grill and get to work with grillin’ some chicken.

I may have to enjoy a cold beer while doing that. Man, bright sunny skies, 76 degree temperatures, a nice gentle breeze, some nice background music, smoke from a grill, and a cold beer. This is a tough life but I suppose someone has to do it. Sigh…..

With the cooking done, I sat inside at the computer for a bit and then I saw our friend, Sherry, walking toward our RV.

Sherry & Rick came by to share “Happy Hour” with us. It was a pleasure to see these long time friends, as we didn’t think we could get together until Wednesday. Super!

We all sat outdoors with a cold drink, chatting away. Sherry brought some pictures taken way back in our high school days. It is hard to believe that I was ever that young. Sherry and those other pretty young girls who meant so much to me in high school, still look great after all these years. I think that I should say no more. We were all so young and ready to face an unknown world, back in those days.

Well, time to get back to reality…

Tonight, after a nice dinner, we’ll kick back to watch “Dancing with the Stars” on TV, and tomorrow we’ll learn what adventures that day has in store…..

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