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Football Traffic in Dallas

Arrival at Hurst was later than we had planned, because we started later than we had intended. One of the couples Clark had parked the evening before wanted to visit and we found kindred souls and visited much longer than intended. That put us on the road late morning, instead of fairly early. That put us arriving in the Fort Worth area during rush hour. But, we arrived at our son's house in time for dinner. Our daughter-in-law (Janet) always takes such good care of us. Of course, we had a good time with the three grandsons, the main reason for stopping. Our son had been on a mission trip to India, in August, and we were enthralled with the things he had to relate. What an experience he had. The youngest, 7-year-old Jacob, begged to be allowed to travel with us, but we had no definite plans on when we'd get back to the area, so that wasn't going to work. We left them on Saturday, Oct. 18th, and headed east. Our brains certainly weren't in gear, because we headed right through Dallas on the day of the Texas U/Oklahoma U football game, played at the Cotton Bowl. It took us 1-1/2 hours in stop and go traffic to get across Dallas. Since we're never in a hurry, it was no big deal, but we could have taken a different route. If we had done that, we would have missed seeing a small part of Texas football mania, especially when playing their main rival.

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