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The time change really worked in our favor this morning. It was daylight by 6:15 with the new time. Great!

We had everything ready to roll early and stopped just long enough to dump the holding tanks.

We were on the road at 7:40 AM. We made one stop for fuel at a Flying J north of Austin. The cost for diesel was $2.779 per gallon.

I fueled the truck while Marilyn picked up a sandwich and a soda for each of us.

Our next stop was the Admiralty resort in San Antonio.

We arrived about 1:07 PM but had a funny thing happen to us as we pulled in at the resort.

Suddenly the trailer brakes locked up. I climbed out of the truck and checked the emergency brake wire. Sure enough, it had pulled the pin, locking the brakes. I put the plastic pin back in place and all was normal. I’ll have to make sure there is nothing back there for it to catch on before we head to the valley.

We were all set up by 2:20 and I headed to the Rec Room for the ice cream social. Blue Bell ice cream for .75 cents per dip. Great!

Marilyn chose to stay at the RV, getting things in order and starting a load of laundry. Without sewer hookups since last Monday, we have been unable to do the wash. She is now in her own little world, being a home maker!

We also have cable TV so we can watch our favorite shows this week. Right now, we are enjoying the Packers and Vikings football game.

We plan to have spaghetti with salad and garlic bread for dinner, along with a glass of wine. Life is good.

Tomorrow we need to make a run to the super nice HEB grocery store nearby. It is one of those Super HEB’s which are probably the finest grocery stores I have ever seen.

The final report for today is that we drove 308 miles in 5 hours and 27 minutes, and averaged 10.4 mpg for the trip.

This will be a short entry because we are wanting to get in the “relax” mode.

So, goodnight for now. We’ll wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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