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The gardens at the old Terminal in Chattanooga

The main lobby at the hotel at the Terminal in Chattanooga

The Aquarium in Chattanooga

Inside the Opryland Hotel

Our first destination in heading West was to go to Chattanooga – of the Choo Choo fame. Didn’t really know where we were going to head for in Chattanooga as it was getting late in the day and a little dark, so we figured we’d head for ‘Camping World’, an RV sales and supply place (because we needed a couple of pieces for the stove in the camper). We thought there might be an RV park nearby such a large dealer. There was. They had their own very well equipped campground, which we didn’t know they do at some of their locations.

Anyway, we didn’t quite make it to the ‘Camping World’ spot – it was somewhat further south than the point at which we said “stuff it screaming along this highway with thousands of trucks and cars”, so we exited the freeway when we saw a KOA sign in the north of the city.

As I said, it was getting dark and, really, all we wanted to do was to get the truck leveled and pour a gin and tonic. But, before we could get settled, this really insensitive guy came whistling over to us from a nearby site with all sorts of papers in his hands. He introduced himself as from somewhere on the Florida coast, telling us he has some RV sites on private land and, because we’re Canadian, he figured we’re on our way down there for the winter and we really ought to take a look at what he had to sell. To prove how thick he is, he then went on to tell us that “there’s no blacks down there, neither”, and then started to bad-mouth Pres. Obama. I said “Let’s not even go there” and went up into the camper and shut the door behind me to make our drinks. I think he got the message when I came out with only two drinks in my hands and he finally left us alone to relax.

So, early the next morning we went on down to the Camping World and were surprised to see they have their own lovely campground – wish we’d known before! They didn’t have the parts we need so then we went on into the City and got ourselves parked right outside the Terminal for the Chattanooga Choo Choo. The station has now been turned into a lovely hotel and gardens complex – it’s a pretty impressive re-do. Some old carriages are there and you can book a room in them, if you prefer. The old bar is beautiful but it was a bit early in the day so, after we strolled the gardens, we had coffee at a cute little coffee bar on the old ‘platform’. Hardly anybody there – I guess because it’s mid-week – so that made it doubly pleasant.

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