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That's far enough back!

A" Swim up" picnic table

Early morning on the lake

The amphibian Car pays us a visit



We awoke to perfectly clear skies this morning. It wasn’t long before the bright sunshine began to warm the temperatures nicely and, as I write this, it is 71 degrees. It even feels much warmer than that in the sunshine.

Marilyn cleaned and re-organized her pantry this morning. I made the bed and carried the trash up to the dumpster. On the walk back to the RV I met our neighbor who is camping for only the second time in his new trailer. It is also his first trailer and he has been retired for one year as of today. He worked for GM in Detroit for a number of years and then here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area until he retired.

I gave him one of our cards so that we can help answer any questions he might have about this lifestyle.

Marilyn was just getting out of the shower when I returned to the RV. Her comment to me, with only a tiny bit of sarcasm was “It sure takes a long time to carry that trash to the dumpster”. Sigh….

I also took a shower and we ate a bite of lunch.

We sat outdoors in our lawn chairs, watching the fish jump out of the water, when suddenly I spotted what appeared to be a car coming across the lake. It was an amphibian convertible and I managed to get a few pictures for you.

I decided to get ambitious and wash the truck. I used about a quart of water and managed to get it looking very nice. That Dri-Wash I bought from my friend Jim really does a nice job.

After that little job was done, I stowed things away in the basement storage area and we are nearly ready to leave in the morning.

We must remember to set our clocks back one hour before going to bed tonight. We have a few things remaining to do inside and then all we have left to do in the morning is to hook up, disconnect the water and electric, run the slides in, and go dump our holding tanks.

We just can’t wait to get on the road again.

We spoke to Jennifer on the phone today. We also called Dan & Pat, and our friends, Rick & Sherry in San Antonio.

We hope to arrive at the “Admiralty” RV Resort by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, but that story must wait until tomorrow’s journal entry.

We are sitting here with the windows open listening to the fish and the ducks splashing in the water. There is a nice gentle breeze coming in the open window, and the temperature is perfect.

Have I ever mentioned how much we love this life? LOL

I want to thank those readers who have written, called or sent messages on our face book page, wishing us a safe journey. Thank you dear friends.

We wish all of you “God Speed” and will see you one of these days.

Now it is time to sit back, relax, and wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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