Callie's Australian Study Abroad - Spring 2005 University of the Sunshine Coast travel blog

Kristine and I enjoyed the view from the ferry.

We walked to a secluded area of the beach. Can you kinda...

I think it was a full moon.

Today we went to Chinatown and the Paddy Market. I didn't really buy anything, but it was a nice experience being I had never been to anything like it before. After the shopping we then took a ferry to Manley where we had a drink and watched the sun set from the beach. We met up with a guy Amy had met and so it was nice to meet a local that knew a fair amount about the area. The water on Manly Beach had 100% clarity and so that was pretty cool. That night Kristine had wanted to go to a bar called the Home Bar, unfortunately it was Queer Nation for the night and so we decided to skip out on that. We then decided to take a "short cut" down Sussex Street where I thought I was going to loose my life. I literally thought I was walking into hell. There was street racing going on and lots of cops. The lighting was very poor and we were trapped between two huge cement walls with no escape and some other fishy activities going on. Luckily we got a taxi the heck out of there and we went to the pub at the Observer Hotel. Once again there were good times had by all. :)

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