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Parrot Tree is a beautiful resort on the south side of the...

no charge for use of the resort and pool if you eat...


a great day and reasonable prices

after the beach, to the pool


What a beautiful pool

Fresh water is such a treat



An evening at Hayo's with live music. We left this party "just...

Angie took this shot from her boat as she passed us on...

Heading through the mangroves on our way to Calabash Bight for Savnannah...

No wonder Lori has such nice, slim legs!

Worth it once you reach the top

Enjoying our new circle of friends, makes life so much nicer

Anyrah, we are going to miss you. John bought her this lollipop,...

This little tree outside the bunkhouse blooms but the flowers last only...

Angie took these two great pictures


One of my favourite sayings is “Life happens when you had other plans”, like me announcing to the world that I’d be busy day in and day out writing my book with no time for this website. Well, just a few weeks into that plan, our friends Lori and Mark hosted daughter Savannah and grand daughter Amyrah from Tampa for two weeks.

The outings were numerous and we were thankful to be included in the group. The last outing, last Thursday was a great day at Parrot Tree Resort, a large and prestigious gated community on the south coast of the island. It’s a drop dead gorgeous resort with hardly any people, such a shame. We enjoyed lunch, the beach and then the giant pool.

Friday it was the Happy Hour going away party at Turtlegrass. We were all sad to see Lori’s girls go, by now they had become all our girls and I felt Lori’s pain as she prepared to say goodbye.

The Captain and I ducked out on a party just in time one night at Hayo’s up in Blue Rock, near Hole in the Wall. Our new friend Angie from Vancouver was working there and invited us. A hog-fry, we passed on that and free rum, that we didn’t pass on. Neither did some of the more loco locals and when Angie said to John and me “OH OH, the free booze is almost gone”, we decided to exit stage left.

The next morning I emailed Angie and half, but only half joking asked, “Well were there any shots or other drama after we left”? “OH YEAH” she wrote back,” several shots, a huge fight, all the women and one gay guy hiding in the kitchen, boats sunk, one man cut with a propeller….” When you get that feeling here, that it’s time to go, IT IS!

The Captain is installing a new round of parts just in from Florida in the 15 hp motor, an endless task it seems. Hurricane Ida left us in peace and we did not receive any wind or rain. We stocked up on American goodies from Eldons in French Harbour like butter and cheese and were all set to ride out the rain, fortunatelly we have sunny skies and a calm sea.

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