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Even with rain threatening, we went to bed with the bedroom windows open last night. It was warm and humid outdoors, but a nice breeze was blowing and it was very comfortable.

It was so nice to go to sleep with the windows open again, after so long a time with the RV closed up.

This is a very nice, quiet RV resort and the only sounds during the night were the normal night sounds of crickets, etc, and the sound of the breeze in the trees, mixed with the light sound of waves lapping on the shore close to our rig.

Once in a while we could hear the sound of a Jet landing at DFW airport, but that is simply music to my ears.

I don’t know what time it was when I was awakened by the sound of raindrops hitting the roof of our RV.

“Sure hope I fixed the leak” was the first thought wandering through my mind, but it was soon replaced by an awareness that I should close the bedroom windows.

The dark clouds in the sky, producing the heavy rain last night, kept the daylight away longer than usual this morning, so we slept in until 7:30. That is pretty late for us!

The rain had stopped by that time but the dark sky hinted at more of the wet stuff. We checked the corner of our carpet and were pleased to discover that it continues to dry up.

It appears that my efforts yesterday were successful. Hooray!

We sure enjoyed our time with Mike & Sandy yesterday, and look forward to a drive out to their home tonight, where we will join them for dinner.

I could have written much more about our day yesterday but felt that the journal entry was quite lengthy as it was. I do have pictures to post for you and I’ll put those in this entry today.

After our morning coffee, we went for a walk around this resort. Believe it or not, we closed all of the windows and turned on the A/C before we left the rig. It sprinkled on us while we walked but no rain other than those few sprinkles.

It felt good to get back in our little cabin on wheels, the A/C was doing a fine job of taking the humidity away, and the background music, along with the great view of the lake outside our windows, made us very comfortable. We decided to go out for lunch and wanted to try a BBQ place that Mike had suggested.

Marilyn finished cleaning the rig so that it is all neat for us to come home to.

We drove the short distance from the resort, to Barkley’s BBQ where we ordered lunch. Marilyn had beef brisket while I enjoyed the pork loin BBQ sandwich. Even the side dishes were delicious. Texas has great BBQ wherever you go.

Once we returned to the RV, it was time to relax. Marilyn looked through some magazines that Jennifer had given her, picking out recipes which sounded good.

I decided to finish up this journal entry for the day and wait until tomorrow to write of our evening with Mike & Sandy.

That way I can get the pictures posted, program our DVR to record this evening’s episode of “Survivor” and maybe get a nap in, before cleaning up and dressing to go out.

With that said, I’ll close this journal entry for today. We’ll all have to wait for tomorrow to see what adventures fate had in store…..

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