Rita and Bob On the Road-2007 travel blog

Monday, October 8, two huge security lights and porch lights were on all night next door to us. We have the neighbors from hell with two barking dogs. The low was 39 last night but a light freeze happened in nearby communities. We turned on the TV early this morning to make sure Raton Pass was clear for today's journey south to Santa Fe. We happened upon a news report about the Albuquerque Balloon Festival this week! That made us realize that Santa Fe is only 60 miles north of Albuquerque so we may have a hard time getting a camp site. Just after 8:00 a.m. I called an RV Park off I-25 in Santa Fe that we want to stay at for the next week. Sure enough, Jan who answered the phone, said she doesn't have a full hook-up site available until Wednesday of this week. I told her I'd call her back after we regroup and decide what we're going to do.

Bob tried to get on-line to scope out golf courses and things to do here in La Junta and southwest of here in Trinidad. Of all things, the laptop locked up--twice! Right after we left Fort Collins where we had it worked on in August. He finally discovered a highly rated 9-hole course in Trinidad. So we got in gear and packed up (not too big of a deal since we barely unpacked and are still hitched to the truck.) I called Jan back in Santa Fe and made reservations for a week beginning Wednesday.

We stalled a bit and left around 11:30 (checkout time is noon.) It is only 83 miles to Trinidad, but this move will cut off an hour and a half from our trip on Wednesday to Santa Fe. We went south from La Junta on Santa Fe Trail/Hwy 350. It is very bumpy, like a roller coaster through the dry plains over to the Purgatoire River at Trinidad, CO. We drove right down Main Street to I-25 south to Exit 11 and pulled into Budget Summit Inn RV Park adjacent to the hotel at 9800 Santa Fe Trail Drive, Trinidad, CO, 719-846-2251. The gal at the hotel lobby asked if a back-in site was okay. I said yes, assuming that was all they had left. Lesson learned. They had plenty of huge pull-through sites as we struggled to back in without hitting a tree limb growing out sideways. It turns out we were backing onto the concrete pad and when we got set up and looked around, everyone else was parked next to the pad and using it as a patio.

The whole time we're trying to jockey into place a dang dog in a miniscule pen two doors down was howling for 30 minutes. It was very annoying. Anyway, we're set up and not moving. Bob had to hunt for the spare cable TV connector he had and finally found it. We have 57 channels for two days! We set up quickly once we got situated in the site and left for lunch.

We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center and got a list of restaurants. An older lady who was a real downer (not a good quality for your visitor center volunteer) told us everything was closed on Monday. We took her list anyway and found Trinidad Brewing Co. (TBC), a cute micro-brewery in a restored train station along the Purgatoire River. Bob and I split a build-your-own-burger of lean Colorado raised beef and a TBC salad with cashews, cranberry, feta and a nice oil and vinegar dressing. Bob, needing a drink after our RV jockeying with the barking dog, enjoyed an Oktoberfest Ale. The owner of TBC stopped by our table and talked to us for a bit. They have been open for a year and are remodeling to add a pizza oven over on the far side. He lived in Houston (he saw our Texas plates in the parking lot) for eleven years and sounds glad to be here. He said their Red Ale and another one of their brews won a recent Colorado competition. I said I liked the pales. He recommended their Fiesta Lager (like a Corona on steroids with the lime built in!)

We got a Denver Post on the way home and found out it's Columbus Day--Who knew?

It's 5:44 p.m. and 69.3 degrees. The high was 74. Cleveland vs. Yankees for the ALDS just started. The Indians lead by one in the top of the first inning. In our brochures from the C of C we found a brand new (opened in 2007) Cougar Canyon, Jack Nicklaus designed, 18-hole golf course. It is 7,709 yards from the tips but it costs $77.00 for green fees. We'll play the Trinidad 9-holer Bob found.

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