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After we returned home last night, I worked on the journal entry and got it posted while Marilyn watched a little TV. It was much later than normal for us by the time we went to bed.

We were awake before 6:30 this morning to talk with Jennifer on the phone. I had told her she could call us early and she did. LOL

We had quite a few things to get done this morning and I was hard at work after sharing our morning coffee with my lovely bride.

I climbed up on the roof to clean the seams for caulking.

With that little job finished, we jumped into the truck and drove to a Lowe’s that Mike had shown to us last night.

I purchased a caulking gun and some clear silicone sealant while Marilyn found three new plants that we cannot live without. I’ll admit that they are nice to have in our little rolling home.

On the way back to the RV, we stopped off at the donut shop Mike had pointed out. Oh My!

Marilyn went in and purchased two very large cinnamon buns, still hot from the oven. It was a challenge to keep from eating them on the spot as they smelled so good!

I filled up with fuel after that, ($2.759) and we were soon back at the RV.

Marilyn worked with the new plants while I climbed up on the roof and began working to get caulk on the seams, where the old caulking was cracked.

I then caulked down one piece of trim on the side, before wrapping up that project.

I then dragged out the hose and a brush and washed the rear window and the two side windows in the rear of the RV. Now we can see the lake better from inside. LOL

I had one more little chore to get done before calling it a day. I cleaned the bed of the truck, swept all of the leaves out, and re-arranged the load of stuff back there.

Next, I put all of our lawn furniture away in a sheltered area under the front of the fifth wheel, anticipating the rain over the next two days. We did enjoy the one day of sunshine, and the warm temperatures are sticking it out, in spite of the forecast rain.

I’ll soon know how well my caulking job was done.

By the time I had the ladder and hoses put away, and carried the trash off to a trash can, my back was aching, so I decided that I was done for the day.

We’ll be going with Mike & Sandy again this afternoon. I’ll write about that part of the day after we return.

We know it will be fun and that we’ll enjoy our time with these two fine folks…….

Mike & Sandy arrived at 2:00 to pick us up for the day’s adventures.

We drove into Dallas, chatting and laughing all the way. Our destination was the Texas School Book Depository and the JFK Museum.

That was an interesting place to visit, even though Marilyn & I were recently married when the events happened, and we watched the drama unfold on TV.

We saw many sights around Dallas and dropped the wives off at “Sam Moon”, a store which has all kinds of things for the ladies. Mike and I then went to “Eliot’s Hardware” and spent an hour or so looking around for something we “had to have”. Mike actually found a couple of needed items but I remained without a purchase.

When we returned to pick up our wives, I found that Marilyn had found several new items for us to carry around in the RV.

Mike had spoken of a place where the catfish was really good, so we were off to “Pappy’s” to check his opinion.

We all enjoyed a fine meal, with shrimp as an appetizer, followed by catfish, hush puppies and fries. It was Yummy!

Mike & Sandy insisted on treating us to this fine meal. Thank you so much!

Delicious food, a cold drink, great conversation with lots of laughter, and the warmth of new friendships. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We made one more stop before returning to the RV, and that was to shop in a “container” store. They had every conceivable type of container in there, as well as many other items you didn’t even know had been invented.

We have a good picture of Mike clowning around, and have to show it to you. Watch for the pictures to be posted in tomorrow’s journal entry.

He and Sandy are a lot of fun to spend time with.

We are now back at the RV and looking forward to a good night of sleep.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another rainy day. So what else is new.

Oh well, we’ll just wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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