Voyage of the Wayward Wind - 2009 travel blog

Our front yard at the Corps Park

Lake Lanier from our front yard

Tuesday, Oct 20 thru Tuesday, Oct 27, 2009

We arrived at Old Federal COE Park on Lake Lanier early afternoon, got set up and headed to Duluth to meet Heather and her boss for dinner at the Olive Garden. We certainly enjoyed our visit after not seeing her since Dec 2007. We’re looking forward to spending more time with her and her whole family in just a few more weeks.

The park here is beautiful - large, spacious, well-tended sites, and for this park at least (there are 7 COE parks on this lake) where there are 83 sites, only two are not directly next to the lake.

We may wish we were staying more than a week! A couple from Georgia, Charlie & Linda Brown, who are fellow Titanium owners, stopped by one afternoon to visit. It’s always fun to meet someone with whom you have something in common as a basis for getting to know each other.

Wednesday & Thursday were nice days, but Thursday night it began to rain, and it rained all day Friday. Saturday was grey and very windy as the front moved through. We were rewarded for our patience Saturday night with a glorious sunset which was followed by a near-perfect day Sunday and another fantastic sunset. Sadly, we awoke to steady rain Tuesday morning, and the rain fell continuously all day and into the night. We had been told that the Mall of Georgia in nearby Buford was second in size only to The Mall of America in MN. So, I decided we had to go check it out. It was indeed large, but I’m not sure the claim is accurate. Oh well! I got a new pair of shoes out of the trip.

A young family from Buford, 8 miles from here, were parked next to us all week. They were extremely friendly. Unfortunately, the couple, Chris & Dawn Mumpower, are still working and the kids, Lauren & Koby, are in school, so they were not around a lot. In fact, they never spent the night, always returning home by late evening. Drew needed a rivet tool to fix a broken part on one of the awning arms. When Dawn heard he didn’t have the tool, she called friends and located one he could borrow. The next morning her mother showed up with the tool so he wouldn’t have to wait until they arrived about 5 PM!! Tuesday, since it was raining, they decided not to come out for dinner. However, knowing that we were leaving Wednesday morning, they drove to the campground anyway to say goodbye to us and to bring us a jar of homemade strawberry jam. Really Nice!! Lauren will be competing in the Miss Georgia Teen pageant the middle of next month. She is a beautiful young lady with a delightful, outgoing personality. We wish her the best.

We’ve enjoyed our stay here at the Corps park. The lake is really nice - wish we had a Sea-Doo (Is that what they’re called?). The fall colors are at their peak here right now. Couldn’t ask for anything better (except maybe less rain). Tomorrow, the 28th, we are off to North Shores Resort of Distinction near Greensboro, GA for a couple of weeks.

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