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Goodbye Oklahoma, Hello Texas

Marilyn & I both awakened to the sound of rain falling on our roof. That was not good news because one of our seams on the roof has lost it’s good seal and we have some water coming down inside the wall to the floor, causing a wet spot on the carpet.

I have located the leak and purchased the needed sealant. I now have a project for tomorrow.

We took our time getting ready to leave, this morning. We had only 84 miles to travel and good highways all the way.

We were camped last night, only a couple of miles from the state line between Oklahoma and Texas, so the drive to Grapevine would be an easy one.

We were on the road much later than usual, and Texas greeted us with absolutely clear skies, sunshine, and warming temperatures.

With the sunshine streaming in the window, we traveled down the road with Mexican Mariachi music playing loudly on the radio.

Both of us felt that feeling of being “Free” and were smiling at our good fortune, to be living such a wonderful life.

We arrived at “The Vineyards” RV Resort right at 11:00 and were soon parked in our site, backed up to the lake.

What a beautiful resort this is!

We have no sewer hookup but we are good for the next five days.

I will post some pictures of this place.

It was so nice to be sitting outdoors in our lounge chairs, with a cold drink and a good book, that we had to call our friend Jeff, in Hannibal. He said it was cold and miserable there. That is the weather we are trying to escape, so I guess we are on the right track.

We also spoke to Jim & Linda, who are already in the RGV. We'll be seeing you soon, dear friends.

We called Mike & Sandy this morning, and we will be meeting these cyber friends in person later this evening.

We are going out for dinner together, and perhaps Mike will stop at a Walmart or someplace that I can purchase a caulking gun.

I used to have several of them but when we got rid of so much stuff, I guess they went with the “junk” from the garage.

We have pictures taken at Carthage, MO and also here in Grapevine, but we took no pictures of our wet, muddy site in Colbert, Oklahoma.

We are going to the “Stockyards” in Ft Worth, for dinner this evening, so I will have more pictures to share with you when we return to the RV later this evening.


We just returned to the RV from a wonderful evening with Mike & Sandy.

They drove to the Vineyards to pick us up. Mike & Sandy are very familiar with this place as they lived here in their RV, for about six months, while their new home was under construction.

Mike drove us through the downtown area of Grapevine, pointing out places of interest, and then drove us to Ft Worth and the Stockyards.

We enjoyed a leisurely dinner at a steakhouse Mike knew about, called Riscky's and then we had more touring to do.

It was a wonderful meal with a salad, flat-iron steak, perfectly seasoned, garlic mashed potatoes and calf fries with gravy.

Jennifer called us and we spoke to her for a few minutes during our dinner.

We had such a great time this evening. Mike & Sandy are so easy and comfortable to spend time with. Our kind of people! They would fit in just fine with the other RV friends we have met.

It was getting late by the time we were back home, and Mike & Sandy still had a 30 minute drive back home, so we said goodnight with hugs.

We’ll get together tomorrow afternoon for another adventure, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what that day has in store…..

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