Dave with Kody (lft) Kayden (front) and Bambi on right

Rebecca with Angelique

Kayden on left Kody on right

Grampa and grandkids Kody and Kayden.

Keith, Angelique and kids with us after dinner

Rebecca and Angelique enjoying the sunshine.

Approaching Red Rock Canyon.

you might find one of these in the desert

or one of these.

or even one of these beautiful spiders.

We saw a pictograph

on one of the walking trails

they're old drawings on rock

above the white sign are the hands of pictographs we , can...

These little guys are unique ONLY to this valley, they are Palmers...

aren't they cute!

This valley has 4 unique plants, mammals and butterfly seen now where...

Red Rock

Red Rock Canyon

across the Canyon

do you see the bear in the rocks...

Red Rock

Red Rock

Agave roasting pit, there are many of these in the canyon

an actual roasting pit

Agave plants are hardy and evidently taste yummy!

downtown Las Vegas in the distance.

explanation of how it all came to be.

interesting isn't it?

in early 1900''s there was a quarry here, 10 ton stones cut...

Jordan and Rebecca

Jordan and Rebecca

Jordan and Dave

Jordan and Dave

It was a short 130 mile drive to Nellis AFB from Beatty. Dave set us up quickly then went to the local AMSOIL distribution center for all the fluids he needed for the truck. With the fluids in hand, or box, he went to the air base to rent a work bay at the auto shop to get the job done. In a little while, he had the engine oil and differential oil changed, also he rotated the tires. Now he's confident in the performance of the Cummins diesel for one year, the recommended oil change of this AMSOIL oil.

Next on the agenda and the main reason we come here is to visit the kids and grand-kids. We have one extra day so we're going to visit Red Rock Canyon conservation area. Though we've been to Vegas many, many times we've NEVER been there! After spending Saturday cleaning, fixing and organizing our coach, on Sunday, after church, we drove to son Keith's and Angelique's home. They live on west side of Vegas just off Buffalo Blvd.

We were amazed at the beauty of Red Rock Canyon, so much so we'll go back on subsequent visits to Las Vegas. We learned the Red Rock area is the result of ancient sand dunes that solidified over time then eroded. Not sure if that was before the earth crust block upthrust or after, but the area is fabulous. For $5 you get one days drive of the 13 mile trail and as many stops along the way you want to take. But more importantly there are alot of walking trails from which to choose. We recommend you to take plenty of water and rugged shoes/boots if you leave the easy trails. After our visit to Red Rock we met with our grandson Jordan. He's a ninth grader at Durango High, our dinner with him caught us up on his life and times. He likes playing basketball and will try out for the school team. We saw immediately that he's much taller, manly'er and more handsome than just last year when he spent 7 weeks with us.

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