VanEmmerik RV

Ranch & Spa

We were assigned space #2

A very short drive from Reno GSR took only 45 minutes. We were parked in space #2 as space #1 was already taken. Our purpose at this stop is to recuperate a little from the busyness of all the friendly visits, doctor appts and chores. Since the result of Dave's "Bummer Summer" has been a galactic fishless summer, our host John insisted on a fishing trip to take care of any possible "jinx's". On Wed the two set out in the early morning light for Indian Creek. It is just off hwy 4, near Markleville in Calif. Without bragging too much Dave did indeed break his "bummer summer" fishless jinx. He finished the day having caught 2 size XL rainbows in the 22 to 24 in. range plus 4 other smaller, 10 - 12 in rainbows. Host John did ok, too. He got a late start on catching but soon had 2 size XL rainbows and several smaller rainbows. So with that fishless jinx broken, Dave AND Becky can go onto Arizona and Texas with confidence that their catching skills are intact! Oh and there are no pictures of these fish or the trip as Dave didn't take the camera, not wanting to take chances of a photo dunking! He asks for your trust.

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