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413 days has gone heartbreakingly quick. We have learnt and grown up so much as a person. What a beautiful world we live in. We often get trapped in our busy daily life and forget about the rest of the world. This trip has broadened our views of seeing things, our life and the world. If I am sad, I will remember smiley faces of kids in the poor village of Laos. If I get depressed, I will remember funny jokes from an old post office man. If I am lazy, I remember Laotian young monks studying hard. And if I ever get lonely, I will remember everyone we met on our trip!

This trip has never been possible without all the supports from our family and friends. Thank you so much everyone!! We just can’t thank enough! We hope to catch up with you all soon and have a few drinks. Give us a call, we use same mobile numbers.

And I also would like to thank Alexis who has become such a strong person during the trip. We have spent more than one year together, day and night. This wouldn’t normally happen to a couple on normal daily life. We had a lot of fights, but had awesome fun and most amazing experiences together. I wouldn’t have done this by myself nor with anyone else but you. I love you so much.

-3 best Countries?-

Laos, Cambodia and Canada

-3 best places?-

Vang Vieng (Laos), Luang Prabang (Laos) and Kyoto (Japan)

-3 most beautiful sceneries?-

Angkor (Cambodia), Yosemite National Park (US) and Krabi (Thailand)

-3 best food?-

Beautiful Pho noodle soup I had at a small restaurant on the hill of Ko Samui Island, Thailand

Tempura at Tensei, Tokyo

Home-made grandma’s paella in Mijas, Spain

-2 places you didn’t enjoy much?-

Miami and LA

-3 “must have” items during the trip?-

A bag with wheels, microwavable container and salt

-3 most amazing experiences-

Talking to young monks in Laos

Bike riding and cave exploring in Vang Vieng, Laos

Visiting tribe villages in Chang Mai and Taman Nagara

-3 scariest experiences?-

Walking across the heavy traffic roads in Vietnam for the first time

Being inside the water cave on my own in Vang Vieng

Being really sick in South East Asia without proper medical assistance


I have had the best time of my life travelling with the man I love so much. The best experience for me was to live in Japan and see where Hiro is from and to understand the Japanese culture and family life. I felt at home instantly in Japan and loved every aspect of daily life, from sipping green tea, rice and natto for breakfast, walking through Shibuya on a Saturday night, catching the packed Yamanote Line to work, watching the businessmen take the train home late stumbling with red faces, observing the politeness and respect to each other, the friendly “Irassyaimase (welcome to my shop)” when you walk in the shops, towels and welcome food at Izakaya pubs, being able to yell “Sumimasen (excuse me)” without being rude, the fantastic food options & presentations in the supermarkets, the gorgeous well-presented ladies & men, the convenience stores at every corner… I just appreciate everything from the culture to celebrations and most of all, the love I received from Hiro’s family & friends, especially Hiro’s parents, Aki & Taki, Taki’s kindness and Aki’s humour.

-3 best countries?-

Japan, Laos and Cambodia

-3 best places?-

Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kyoto

-3 most beautiful sceneries?-

Amalfi Coast (Italy), Yosemite National Park (US), Mekong River (Laos)

-3 best food?-

Chef’s selection of tempura at Tensei, Tokyo

Gourmet sushi at Midori Sushi, Tokyo

Peking Duck at Chinese restaurant, Beijing

-2 places you didn’t enjoy much?-

Miami and LA

-3 “must have” items during the trip?-

Wine opener, chopsticks and currency converter

-3 most amazing experiences?-

New Year celebration in Japan

Living in Shibuya

Experiencing cherry blossoms season in Japan

-3 scariest experiences?-

Taxi ride from home to Melbourne Airport

Taxi ride in Cairo

Hiro being sick in South East Asia

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