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It is late afternoon. I am sitting in the restaurant of my hotel here in the city of Tirupati, home of Shri Venkateshavara Temple, one of the largest religious pilgrimage sights in the world.

We arrived here in Tirupati from Chennai at around noon and had planned to visit the Shri Venkateshavara Temple this afternoon. Because today is a holy day, however, the enormous crowds visiting the Shri Venkateshavara Temple would have required us to wait many hours in line for our visit. As such, we will be going tomorrow, which will hopefully result in less crowds visiting the temple.

The Shri Venkateshavara Temple here in Tirupati is reputed to be the world‘s largest pilgrimage site, allegedly drawing even more pilgrims than such other renown pilgrimage sites as Mecca and the Church of the Nativity. It is also said to number among the richest of the world's pilgrimage sites. This definitely promises to be a new type of experience, so i'm looking forward to checking it out tomorrow.

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