Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

walking in Waikiki

many small deserted beaches

light house

a view from the top of the diamond head

Hiro surfing

getting better

taking a surf lesson

lexi taking a walk

great sunset

nice reef beach to snorkel

tanya and greg's wedding

great day

sealion having a nap on the beach

great view on Kauai Island

great canyon view

more beach

surfer's everywhere in Hawaii

That’s it. Our trip is now coming to the end. We arrived at our final destination, Hawaii. It is warm, humid and moody, just like tropical weather in Port Douglas. A big bonus for us is that Lexi’s family is in Hawaii as well to attend their family friend, Tanya and Greg’s wedding!! So our last part of the trip has become a big family holiday! What a great way to celebrate our trip ending with her family who supported us all the way from the start.

Waikiki is touristy, but beautiful and lively resort beach town. We enjoyed lying on the beach and relaxing. I think we needed a good rest after travelling for 100 days since we left Japan. Hiro, although, couldn’t just sit on the beach all day so he took a surf lesson, which he really loved. He was actually quite good at it, at the second go, he was already standing on the board comfortably, by the late afternoon he was catching great Hawaiian waves amongst locals.

We also climbed up the Diamond head, our plan was to run up to the top, but it was hotter and harder than we thought, so we just walked up. It was great fun with significant ocean and mountain views all around us at the top. Pearl Harbour was another one of those heartbreaking places that make you face the cruel history. Especially for Hiro it wasn’t fun place to be, but again we were glad to be there and showed our respect to the fallen, both American and Japanese.

We then flew to Kauai Island, where Tanya and Greg’s wedding was on, it is also a very beautiful and scenic island. It is less touristy, but there are beautiful resorts dotted on sandy beaches, just a perfect place to have a wedding. We again enjoyed a relaxing time with lexi’s family, swimming at beach or pool, playing tennis, taking a walk, and shopping etc… well talking about shopping, Hiro was very happy to find a nice Hawaiian shirt at a old collectable shop in the town, real made-in-Hawaii one with coconut buttons, and he paid $12 for it! Lexi also bought heaps of dresses and stuff, I guess we finally don’t need to worry about buying too much stuff because it is the end!

We are now heading back home, Australia, I am actually writing this on the plane to Sydney. Just staring at clouds under the plane, thinking back to all the places we have been, all the people we met, I just can’t stop crying. I am not sad that it is over, I just don’t know why tears are coming out. I guess I am being a bit sentimental. Don’t worry lexi’s watching a movie having a good laugh.

Next entry will be the last one, hopefully up on a few days, Chao!

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