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One of those “How did that happen?” moments occurred last night.

I had reset the clock in the bedroom before I went to bed. I thought I had it set properly but evidently I did not.

I awoke during the night, looked at the clock and it said 11:58 PM. Good Grief, I thought. I had only been asleep a couple of hours according to the clock, so I rolled over and after while, fell back to sleep. The next time I woke enough to look at the clock, it said 4:13 AM. Man! I felt ready to get up but that was too early so I tossed around, trying to go back to sleep. Marilyn also woke up and commented that she had been awake for an hour or so, and we might as well get up and have our coffee.

I thought I could see a crack of daylight near the bottom of the window blind, so I raised it a bit. It was full daylight outside! What!

I got out of bed and looked at my watch. It was nearly 8:00 in the morning. I was off about 3 and ½ hours when I set the clock.

How did that happen!

In any case, we sat here sipping our coffee and talking about the inability to get a reservation at the RV Resort we wanted to stay in at Grapevine, Texas.

I decided to give it another try and changed the criteria to select a site without a sewer hookup. They do have a dump station so we would be ok without the sewer hookup for 5 days.

Marilyn just wouldn’t be able to do the laundry. No problem.

We then had some problems trying to get a reservation on-line so I called the resort and spoke with a real person.

We are now all set to stay at this beautiful resort. We even get a discount for being “Old People”. LOL

After we combined our efforts to fix a nice breakfast this morning, Marilyn cleaned really good inside the RV and everything is squeaky clean.

I went outdoors and adjusted air pressures on the tires, hooked up the new sewer hose I bought in Hannibal, and tried to get the cable TV to work. No Go! Now they tell us that they have had problems for a long time. We also cannot get the channel we want, over the antenna. Bummer!

I watched a football game today and it appeared to be played in a blizzard, although the weather was fine. I don’t know if we’ll get to watch the Amazing Race tonight, at all.

We made a run into town, in the sprinkling rain, to fuel up at $2.699 per gallon.

We also stopped at Walmart where I picked up a few supplies, including a Razzleberry Pie to pop into the oven. I picked up some Kool Whip to put on top. Yummy!!

What the heck, I thought, so I also purchased some chicken wings to take home for a snack.

It has been a good day today, in spite of the fact that we are still looking for the perfect weather scenario.

We’ll be back on the road tomorrow, for about 5 and ½ hours.

As for tonight, we’ll get a good night of sleep and be ready to roll after sharing our coffee. Yes, I did set the clock for the proper time, but we will both check it before we go to bed. LOL

Another day in the life of a full-time RV couple comes softly to a close.

I do have a few pictures to post for you. Marilyn took some on our last day in Hannibal and on our way to southwest Missouri.

Now we must wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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