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ATM American style - everything is drive through!

Salt Lake City - completelt surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains

Drugs are a big problem with pets in Salt Lake

We picked up our new stead in Denver and headed through Wyoming to Utah for some more boarding in Salt Lake City. Arriving in SLC we checked into the hostel Mr P had previously stayed in with his friend Keiran. It was a dump!! Mr P was a little un-nerved to be given exactly the same room as he had last time he stayed. Mrs P, trying to remain enthusiastic, took some comfort in being reassured the place had been done up since Mr P was last there. No word of a lie every weirdo in the state must have been living there. There was not a single female in sight but plenty of bad hair, false teeth and cowboy outfits. This classy look was personifed in the vision that was 'Virgil' who aged 65 had just stopped living with his 'mommy' and now resided at the youth hostel.

The snow however was pretty darn good - we headed out to Brighton, Park City and Canyons before calling it a day and submitting to the onslaught of spring.

SLC is a very pretty city and Mr P was quite taken with its proximity to the really great and wonderfully quiet slopes. So much so that he tried to persuade Mrs P to become a Mormon missionary so that she'd get free housing for them near the slopes. (Or was it to take on another five wives?!). Feeling afraid for her future Mrs P reluctantly visited the Mormon tabernacle choir practise which has to be said was fantastic.

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