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Weds. Oct 14 - Fri Oct 22 Myrtle Beach State Park

We had a nice relaxing week. It rained all the way to the park and while we set up, and was rainy or cloudy everyday through Sat. There were a few breaks where we got to ride bikes and walk on the beach. Nice park and a great beach.

Paul's big project was to set up the satellite dish. After the second day of trying, the neighbor felt sorry for him and brought over his signal tester and they finally got it up and running.

We checked out Huntington Beach State Park. Nice park too, bigger, campsites are more in the open. A good place to ride bikes, which we did, and the beach is great as well.

We went to Brookgreen Gardens on Tuesday. Beautiful gardens with over 500 statures and fountains. The live oaks are breathtaking. Pictures just aren't the same as seeing the real thing, but the ones I've included are pretty good.

On one of our evening beach walks, we saw a photo shoot going on under one of the big piers. We went up on the pier and talk to a guy standing there, and he said it was for Armani. While Paul was talking, I saw one of the models, minus a top, waiting under the pier. Paul didn't see her, and of course I didn't tell him about it until we were on our way back down the beach. He was sooooo disappointed.

On Thurs. we packed up as much as we could, lounged at the beach, and went to dinner at Damon's on the beach. Sat outside and watched the ocean waves. Nice day.

Fri. Oct 23 - ? Oak Plantation Campground, Charleston, SC

By now, we are getting pretty good at setting up. Paul even got the dish set up the first try!

Yesterday we drove to the Visitor's Center in downtown Charleston. Got a walking tour booklet and map and walked about 4 miles checking out the old buildings and stuff. The houses and little hidden gardens are interesting to see. It was sunny,warm, and humid. Had fun, but our feet hurt at the end of the day. We forgot the camera, so no pictures. There was so much to look at it would have been hard to pick out just a few to share.

So far we are planning to head to Savannah, GA on Tues. Hope everyone is doing OK. More updates next week. Keep in touch and let us know what's going on with you.

Sandy and Paul

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