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Despite our early morning intentions to move a short distance down the Oregon coast and to repeat that process several times during the next week, we put 266 miles under our rolling home today and arrived this afternoon at the Port Orford RV Village, our home base for the winter.

Droves of salmon fishermen filled every nook and cranny at every park in the north half of the state, keeping us on the move south. When we finally saw openings at various parks and campgrounds, we were already within striking distance of our final destination…so on we went.

We picked today for our travels due to a weather window of opportunity…and what an opportunity it was! Temperatures were in the mid to upper 50’s, skies were mostly clear and there was no wind to push our little home around the highway. Traffic in the north was fairly heavy but began to dissipate as we moved south of Coos Bay.

I passed up on more than one very nice photo op as we drove merrily along…my bad! The narrow, twisting, hilly Hwy 101 held my full attention and I only got brief glimpses of opportunities missed. An approaching storm was creating a beautiful series of massive waves along the coastline and I was negligent by not stopping to capture the moment. I hope to get more chances to observe and photograph winter storms as the season progresses.

We were pleased to roll into our winter home base in Port Orford late in the afternoon. As always, friends and the owners of this nice park, Tim and Cindy, warmly greeted us. Most of you are probably aware by now that we dropped our plans to return to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, opting instead to remain on the north Pacific coast through the winter months. We will miss all of our Texas friends but look forward to having an off-season experience in this beautiful part of the country.

Tony, one of POV’s residents, was the leader of the welcome wagon when he dropped of a cooking pot full of beef stew for weary travelers. Thank you Tony!!! The stew was very tasty…and Juanita didn’t have to cook! ☺

We will complete the set up of our Oregon home base tomorrow, make some minor repairs, do a couple of loads of laundry and, as always, stay alert for photo opportunities of the type that I missed today.

We are looking forward to the first day at our Oregon base of operations tomorrow………………..

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