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Stone Mountain Park

The other side of the mountain and part of the lake

The trees are starting to change

A pumpkin display in the park

Georgia State Capitol Bldg.

We have spent this week at the Atlanta South RV Resort, calling it a resort is stretching the truth a bit. It is nice enough park with all the necessities, including wi-fi but it is an older park in need of a little TLC. The park is actually about 30 miles south of midtown Atlanta. The traffic in and all around Atlanta is horrible, and apparently all the “idiot drivers” who use to be in New York have relocated to the Atlanta area. I was pretty sure that New York wasn’t the only place with those kinds of drivers but Bob insisted that New York was the only place he had run across them. He’s changing his tune and now believes that there may be idiot drivers just about everywhere. To get just about anywhere in Atlanta you have to take the interstate highways which at some points are 5 or 6 lanes in each direction with interchanges every mile or so. There are a couple of places where several highways connect, one of those areas is called “spaghetti junction”. There is a lot to do in Atlanta but somehow it just seemed safer to stay off of the interstates and go to places less stressful. The weather has been much better this week, just a few cold nights but the days have been warm and sunny.

On Wednesday we went to Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain Park is a theme park built around a stone mountain with a carving of confederate leaders, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis on one side. The park reminds me of Silver Dollar City in Branson but on a much smaller scale. Most of the attractions were not open because we went during the week off-season and also because the park seemed to be undergoing some renovations. On weekends in the fall there is a cable car ride to the top of the mountain, a train ride and a lot of fun things for kids to do. I’m sure that in the summer it is a great place to go.

I have a small collection of pictures of State Capitol Buildings that I have taken on this trip and I really wanted to go into downtown Atlanta to see their State Capitol so on Thursday we ventured into the mess. To avoid the interstate we took a lot of side streets into downtown and did actually find the Capitol building but not a place to park. The only picture I was able to get was through the car window.

On Friday because of all the excitement of our trip into Atlanta the day before we

decided to check out a few of the smaller towns in the area so we went to McDonough and Griffin, both had some nice antique stores and we had lunch at neat café in Griffin.

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