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The view of Punta Blanca from Marble Hill, further east along the...

Marble Hill

The Captain's Platter

Marble Hill is on the north side of Roatan, a side we...

We met many new gringos who live up in this area

El Capitan

Larry, Norma and Angie



Grama Lori and Amyrah

Lori's daughter Savannah and grand daughter Amyrah

A little roadside bar coming down the big hill into Oak Ridge

A little girl in the house beside the bar

A whole community of squatters was removed from some property, houses dismantled,...

Beautiful grounds on the resort

A going away party for Joy

not fancy but cheap and cold

Angie Wood from British Columbia

El Tanko, that's what John calls' Joe's boat, very kind of him...

The Captain's Platter

The head job from hell, coming along nicely. This was disgusting, ancient,...

Now it's shiny and new and white, easy to clean.

The Captain and I were invited to join some friends on an outing "out east" as they say around here, down towards the east end of the island to visit Marble Hill, a resort on the north side of the island overlooking the community of Punta Blanca.

You never know what you'll find when you head out and it turned out to be a going away party for a lovely woman named Joy, who is spending a few months stateside. She graciously invited me to her property to take cuttings from a variety of 200 different tropical plants. Joy oh Joy, what a sweetheart.

Great afternoon and on the way back stopped in at a funny little roadside bar in Spanish Hill, the community just up the hill from Oak Ridge. The side of the road was filled with tarped up belongings of some squatters that have just been removed from someone's land. It's a big problem here and something was done about this, leaving an entire community homeless, thier few possessions stacked along the road. There were beds and mattresses on most porches of the houses along the road, people helping the homeless with somewhere to sleep.

While I have been hard at work up in my office the Captain has continued on the head job from hell, which is coming along nicely.

That's a big crab on our bbq that Marvin from Calabash Bight brought by the other day, we bought him and 4 big lobster for about $12.00

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