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I awoke this morning, not feeling well. I thought that I might just need a cup of coffee, but that didn’t help

I drove to meet Jennifer and Colby, and later went for a walk in the cool brisk air.

The fresh air felt good but it didn’t make me feel better. Finally, I took Marilyn’s advice and went to bed for awhile.

I did make it outdoors long enough to store our 12v cooler in the basement storage area for travel.

I still need to air up the air ride system, take the digital antenna down and store it, dump the holding tanks and roll up that hose into a tub. That tub gets a lid and bungee cords to hold the lid, then rides in the bed of the truck.

My bike rides on the bike rack while Marilyn’s bike rides in the back of the truck, with the ladder, stabilizer tri-pod and a few other items.

We should be ready to go by 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning.

Marilyn has most of the inside ready to travel, but those last minute items will wait until morning.

Our plan is to stay in southwest Missouri for at least one night, maybe two, and then move on to the Oklahoma/Texas border for one night.

We should arrive in the Dallas/Ft Worth area on Tuesday.

We have a seam on the rig which needs new sealant applied but I want to do that when I am feeling well, and it would be better to have warm weather for that job.

I called Lippert today but they still have not received the new landing gear for our rig, so that job will wait until we return here in the spring. Good thing that isn’t an urgent item or we would be stuck in this cold, wet climate until the snowballs start flying!

I took some medication and this afternoon I felt well enough to go outside to complete a couple more items on my checklist.

I aired up the air ride suspension system. Secured my bike on the bike rack, put Marilyn’s bike in the truck bed and did a few more minor things to get ready for tomorrow.

I then went back inside and decided that a nap couldn’t hurt anything. Before I took a nap, I needed to complete one more little chore. I called and made a reservation for Saturday and Sunday night.

Our rig has only been this dirty once before. The entire rig, 5th wheel and truck, need a good cleaning, inside and out.

They are a mess!

I usually like to start out on a trip with the rig all nice and shining, neat and orderly. That makes it easier to set up in a short time.

I waited to get the basement storage area neat and orderly because I thought I would have to empty it again for the work on our landing gear. It is chaos in there!

My hope is that we can take Sunday to get things orderly on the inside, then we will clean the rig, first chance we get.

It has been a pleasure to spend this day with Colby, although it was Marilyn who enjoyed it the most, since she is feeling fine.

We will say “So Long” to Jennifer with many hugs and kisses tonight.

We’ll be back on the road tomorrow, and who knows what adventures that day might have in store…..

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