Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Hi all,

Better enter this before I forget it.

After Osceola, Iowa, we met up with Joe and Glenda at the Melvern Lake COE park. What a great place, and what a great couple! They showed us around some of their state. They are very proud of Kansas, as well they should be. It was beautiful, and very fun to be with them. One of the things they took us to was the Flinthills, to a great old ranch, that is now park of the national park system. Thanks guys for a great time, now you have to come to Mn. and let us show you around.

Wed. morning we left for Paris, Texas. We spent the night in another COE park. Still nice, but not like Melvern Lake. Of course, it was storming, so nothing looks as good then. With the weather (3" of rain) we debated staying another day, but decided against it. Now that we are in Huntsville, Tex. I am glad we did. Texas is a BIG state. It looks just like Mn., so we both feel like we have been driving forever, and got nowhere.

Tonight, we are staying in the Huntsville State Park. There are signs that say there are alligators in the park. We'll let you know. CHOMP CHOMP.

More later.

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