Krysta and Steve do the Americas travel blog

Steve at the location of the first flight.

The stormy beach.

Seagulls that would catch bread in the air. Better than a dog.

Trucks down the beach as far as you can see.

Myrtle beach strip.

An historic plantation in Georgia.

After the hustle of the northeast populated cities we were looking forward to some quiet time on the coast as we headed through North and South Carolina. We drove down the Outer Banks, a thin strip of sand that separates the mainland from the Atlantic Ocean. This area is a popular tourist destination in the summer, but because it was the start of the off-season it was quite sleepy. And don’t forget to cue the rain and wind because Krysta and Steve are coming.

Kill Devil Hills (named due to the rum from shipwrecks that was so bad it would ‘kill the devil’) is famous for being the site where the Wright brothers made their first flight. We visited the national historic site and learnt a great deal from the presentation (all you aviation nerds would have loved it).

Further on down the peninsula we took a ferry to the national seashore Ocracoke. A national seashore basically means that people can have access to it and throughout the park were people fishing off the beach from the back of their trucks.

The end of the peninsula is connected to the mainland by another ferry and from here we carried onto Myrtle Beach. This was a stereotypical tacky resort strip of highrises along the beach with tones of tourist activities and shops (over 15 mini golf courses). A lot of the tourist shops were selling fun summer gear such as switchblades, knuckle-dusters and tazers. “Buy a knife and get a free tazer”! We ended up staying in a hotel on the beach for cheaper than at a campground. It was a beautiful beach and we could only imagine how hopping it would be in the summer time!

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