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Philly in Philly.

American history!

Downtown Philly.

The rocky steps.

Washington D.C., war memorial and Lincoln memorial.

Looking back at the Washington memorial.

The capitol...

While our car was being broken into.

Philadelphia and Washington were two cities that are drenched in American history and have historic areas full of grand buildings. Coming from someone who knows zero American history, Philly was a surprise. Who knew that it had a few more things going for it than the Philly cheese-steak? In the morning we wandered around the historic district and saw important American sights such as the Liberty bell, Franklin’s court and Independence hall. The downtown area was nice- we learnt (from our Jamaican tour trolley driver) that Philadelphia is 1/3 rd park area, man.

Then it was onto the important things: eating philly cheesesteak sandwiches and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And when I say that we went to the Museum of Art, I actually mean that we went up the front steps and looked at the outside of the building. This was the ‘historic’ site that Stalone ran up in the Rocky films. It was amusing to watch everyone (including Steve) re-enact the movie: running up the steps and yelling ‘Adrian’ with a double fist pump. There was actually a statue of Rocky infront of the steps. Real American history!

Washington DC was full of huge buildings and expansive landscaping that we are all familiar with such as the White house, capitol hill, reflecting pool. Everywhere we looked, there was another memorial: the Lincoln, Washington, war, troop memorials. There was a party going on at the White house which obscured our view and the young police officer wouldn’t let us any closer- even after Steve asked.

But that’s not what we will most remember the capital for- apparently, amongst all the grandure is one of America’s highest crime rates- and we experienced it first hand. In the unlikely location of a government parking building in plain sight of the security office, we had the van broken into and the laptop and a few other electronics stolen. It was annoying, time consuming and money draining but not a serious loss (thanks to online backups!). I hope whoever got the laptop likes our vacation photos and taste in music!

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