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Me and Mauro( argy) taking up as much space on top of...

The contrast in Asuncion between the rich and poor

sunset over the jungle and river

Lazy, Crazy, Slow, local freight boat up the river Paraguay for four days with every type of produce imaginable( my seat was with the onions, so I stunk!!!!!) and the people as lively and animated as any possibly could be. They spent a lot of time trading goods with the people living along the river. AS someone said.. you go up the river and back a hundred years here.

It was great and I spent my time trying to grab every inch of clear space and expand it to two inches. I really tried to grab a bit of sun too. I made a couple of friends with some guys on the boat, who shared everything with me and indulged in the ritual of mate drinking for about four days solid. Man I think that stuff is a diuretic. If I never have any mate againn in my life it will be ok with me.

I really wanted to go to the Pantanal for the animals, but I am afraid the only animals I saw were the chicken s on the boat... Just kidding, I did see some birds and monkeys and stuff on the river, but no Pumas or Tapirs. The experience of this boat was the reward in itself. I can definately say that I saaw the real Paraguay through this trip and visiting the towns along the river.

Puerto Villame, on the brazilian border waas a one horse town and definately a one hotel town and no pub town... How is that possible??? All towns in Oz have a pub.. sometimes its all they have. Anyway, iit was a good place to do laundry as it was dry again in a mater of a few minutes. Jungle time! There is no bus out of here- Its like the Bolivian jungle being close dfor the season... It just doesn`t make sense, but the only option I have is to hea back down the river again.

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