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Once underway, things got rough!

We woke up and peered out the window after what we thought had been an extremely smooth, 8 hour, overnight crossing from Bari, Italy to Durres, Albania. Imagine our shock when what we thought would be our first view of little-visited Albania turned out to be same view from our cabin window as when we boarded the ship the previous night - the port of Bari.

Unbeknownst to us, after we had tucked ourselves into bed for a good night's sleep, the harbourmaster closed the port because of bad weather, so we had never set sail! Not the most auspicious start for our Albanian adventure, but one on which we had no control.

Once we were finally underway, 12 hours late, it was in rough seas. The first three hours took their toll on some passengers, but we survived with minimal queasiness and used the time to read up on future destinations. It was a long day, as the trip took 2 extra hours because of the bad weather and the ship's cafeteria ran out of food. By the time we reached the rather remote port in Durres at 9 p.m. we were famished, with no clue of how to find either a hotel or local transport to take us to our original destination - Freddy's Hostel, in Tirane, 55 km (35 miles) away. We gave up and called Freddy, who sent his brother to fetch us.

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