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Just returned from an amazing weekend with Lulu and Phil. We travelled to Zacatecas which is around 8 hours north of Colima, ‘central’ to the three of us! I got to see a lot of Mexico on the coach, and couldn’t believe how green it is. After two long coaches, I was so happy to meet the others at the bus station. We went to our hostel which turned out to be in an amazing location and had a nice rooftop terrace for only about £6 a nite. And to top it off a bottle of Sol there was only 45p! So cheap beers on the rooftop overlooking the city, great start to the trip.

We set off to explore the city and this weekend there happened to be a festival going on outside the baroque cathedral. But I’m not gonna lie, I was more excited about the discovery of a Starbucks! Zacatecas has a similar feel to Colima, old colonial town with a big square and cathedral at the centre. But one major difference, it was soooooo cold. I’ve definitely acclimatised to Colima’s heat, I spent the whole weekend shivering. It was more like weather in England and we were not impressed.

In the evening we went to see some of the festival where there were singers and dancers on a big stage outside the cathedral. After braving the cold, we went to a house party of a friend of Phil’s housemate. There were a few people who are working in unis with the British Council around Zacatecas, so a good mix of Mexicans and Brits were there. I even met someone from Essex with Irish grandparents, what are the chances! Clubbing afterwards which was so much fun - highlight of the night for us was when someone proposed via the screens in the nightclub, except she must have translated it wrong as it came up on the screen ‘Will you married me?’ How romantic!

Sunday, after managing to get my hands on a cup of earl grey, YES WITH MILK, we went up on the teleférica, the cable car up to the top of a hill overlooking the city. Views were amazing although was not impressed at how much walking up stairs we had to do whilst hungover. As it was Sunday there wasn’t a lot going on in the evening, but we found this little bohemian bar which was really cute and had a woman on her guitar singing latin tunes. Had a great evening catching up with the others and can’t wait for more roadtrips!

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