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Believe it or not, we were awake at 2:50 AM this morning. I had the alarm set for 3:00 so that Marilyn & I could have our coffee before joining Jennifer, Colby, Steve, and Steve’s parents, for a trip to St Louis.

We met them on the main Hwy to St Louis and we traveled together.

We ate breakfast together and then made a quick stop on the way back to Hannibal to grab a sandwich.

Marilyn & I had a phone call from Roger and Renee when we were on the way home. We worked here at the Mark Twain Cave together with them, one summer, and now they will be at Llano Grande Resort for the winter. They will be work campers but we’ll get together for some fun while we are there.

It was a fine, warm day today, but began to sprinkle rain on us as we neared Hannibal.

We are exhausted and we sat in our recliners, both of us about to doze off when the phone rang again.

It was Ashley, at the Cave, asking if I could lead a tour at 4:30.

“OK, I’ll do one”, was my answer, so I slowly dragged myself to a vertical position and put on my “Cave Suit”, grabbed my flashlight, and walked across the parking lot.

As I walked out, Marilyn promised to fix a Reuben sandwich for me when I returned.

I picked up our lawn chairs and stored them before I went to give the tour. Now, let it rain. Maybe it will help to slow down the beetles. LOL

The tour group consisted of 25 elderly folks with a tour called “Ed’s Tours”.

They were curious and interested, so it was a good tour for me. I declined the tips which were offered and I justify that with the reasoning that “If I wanted to be paid to give these tours, I would go on the payroll!”

I have as much fun as the folks on the tours, so it is a “win-win” for me.

In any case, this day is wrapping up as a fine day and now we’ll watch some TV while enjoying the sandwiches, before we go to bed for a great night of sleep.

I plan to read my book, but I’ll bet that I don’t get very far before my eyelids begin slamming shut.

We’ll have to wait for tomorrow to see what adventures that day has in store…..

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