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Pig City - Lexington, NC

The HS baseball team name - The Hogs, of course!

Norma & Garry Forster with Ginger

Our front yard while at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds

Tuesday, Oct 6 thru Monday, Oct 19, 2009

Lexington, NC (Tues thru Thurs) is the self-proclaimed pig capital (there are pig statues all over) and the home of the best NC BBQ. So, we got the consensus of several of the locals as to where to go for the best BBQ (Lexington BBQ, of course) and went there for dinner. Our consensus - it was okay but nothing to write home about. We also spent some time in Lanier’s Hardware store. It is a city block deep with a basement & a second floor. It is like I suppose a real old-time hardware store was, only much larger. It has nearly everything you might want or need including all the items you can’t find in other hardware stores. Need I say Drew thought he’d died and gone to heaven, and I had a good time as well, finding several things I’d not been able to find elsewhere.

The campground is nice though very quite this time of year. We’ll have to come again earlier in the season. There are at least 4 feral cats here, and they took no time in locating Dipt. They did lots of “talking” to each other, and we let them since Dipt rarely gets to interact with other cats and there were no campers close enough to us for them to bother. There were two 5th wheels with full-body paint parked near us in the park. We’ve seen half a dozen so painted this summer - makes me dream of a new RV or at least a new paint job.

Fair Play, SC (Fri thru Mon) was where we intended to do laundry, clean house, and maybe get in some bowling, However, we arrived only to discover that the refrigerator was not working and everything in the freezer had defrosted. Drew made several hopeful attempts at getting it going, but alas, it was not to be. He spent Saturday calling every RV repair shop within an hour’s drive to no avail. The park has a refrigerator, and they allowed us to put some refrigerator items in it. I cooked all the meat in the freezer. Meanwhile, Drew was making ice (Thank God for our portable electric ice maker) and turning the refrigerator into an ice box.

Although we had planned to leave here Monday morning, we still hadn’t solved the refrigerator problem and it wasn’t looking good. Plus, it was raining - hard and continuously - breaking camp didn’t sound like much fun. We decided to stay an extra day. By late afternoon, Drew had the definitive word that the fridge was indeed dead. The next several hours Monday and a good part of Tuesday was then devoted to how best to proceed - buy a rebuilt cooling unit or a whole new refrigerator. The latter won (YEA!), and will be delivered to Glenn & Lura’s in Covington, GA in a few days. Meanwhile, on to Hiawassee.

Hiawassee, GA (Tues thru Thurs) is the home of the annual Georgia Mountain Fall Festival. It consists of 9 full days of Arts & Crafts reflecting the late 1800s to early 1900s, a Pioneer Village featuring an authentically recreated mountain town from days of yore, Mountain Demonstrations of the oft forgotten arts of Moonshine Stillin’, Board Splittin’, Blacksmithin’, Quiltin, and Singin’ & Pickin’, Georgia’s oldest Convention of Fiddlers choosing Georgia’s best in 12 categories, and two country-western concerts every day highlighting stars like Crystal Gayle, Aaron Tippin, Patty Loveless & Earl Thomas Conley. Though we stayed for only 3 of the 9 days and despite the continuing rain, we managed to see everything and attend the concerts by Patty Loveless and Earl Thomas Conley. We also got to spend time with our friends, Garry & Norma Forster, from Florida. They are fellow Titanium owners whom we met summer of 2008 in Washington and again in Oregon. We plan to see them at their home near Jacksonville, FL and again in Orlando before the end of the year.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Covington, the Whitakers’ home, and hopefully our new refrigerator.

This morning we arose to the sound of NO RAIN! Too bad we are leaving. It would have been nice to do a bit more exploring in the Hiawasse area but not in the rain of the past week. The drive through the Georgia mountains and the Chatahoochee National Forest on our way to Covington was beautiful. The fall colors, the many vibrant shades of reds, golds, and yellows, remained mostly on the trees as they were still on the upside of the autumn color peak. Along the way, we drove through Helen, GA, a Bavarian town nestled high in the mountains and Cleveland, home to Babyland and Cabbage Patch General Hospital where you can watch new Cabbage Patch babies delivered daily and find a baby to adopt for your very own!

Upon arrival at the Whitakers’, we learned that our refrigerator had been delivered at 9 AM

yesterday. Wow! That was fast!! We spent the evening catching up with Glenn & Lura over a wonderful Mexican dinner at a restaurant near by. Tomorrow...the refrigerator.

Saturday morning we were up early (for us) - Drew was anxious to tackle refrigerator installation. Soon, Glenn was at the door ready to help. In less than 90 minutes, the old refrig was dismantled and removed and the new one was installed and working beautifully! I was impressed!! Now I got my sinks back - they had been serving as iceboxes - and the icemaker was not going to have to be on the job 24/7.

The remainder of our time with the Whitakers’ was occupied with visiting, eating, church, eating, restocking our new refrigerator, eating, playing Farkle & Skip-Bo, eating, ... Oh my - so much for our dieting!!

Dipt really enjoyed our stay in Covington, as well. No harness or leash required - he was free to roam. From here, we’re heading north to a Corps of Engineers park so that we can see Heather. She’ll be attending some work-related training in nearby Duluth, GA.

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