Dave and son Paul

Kyle's out there somewhere, he's no. 24

Oh, there he is, kneeling on the ground

Kyle #24 and dad Paul

Dave, Kyle and Rebecca

Kyle's out there somewhere

Teams even have their own cheerleaders!

After the game handshakes all around.

Dave with son Kent

Kent with girlfriend Gina

Steve & Joan

with their new fly rods

Dave made according to their

specifications. Good luck fishing guys, and send us a pic of your...

Both rods together with a touch of flys

nice wood accents

pretty handsome thread work.

WOW! MOP (mother of pearl)

purple and gold

This visit has been VERY busy. We've both had doctor visits culminating in a variety of tests. One test both of us had was a bone density scan, Dave's came as a result of his fall and compression fracture last July, Rebecca's came as a result of age and medication concerns. After the scan, Dave asked the technician how his lumbar vertebrae looked, whereupon she said all looked very good, just that the disk on top is thin on the edges. Other than that, both of us are in good health and will work hard when we get to Arizona to get rid of the couple pounds we've both added this stop. We've been treated to several lunches, dinners and a breakfast, thanks to all. Virtually each day was filled with friends and family. We went to grandson Kyles' football game on one of the Saturdays, though his team didn't win we cheered him on. We spent some time with Paul & Jenna's family and Kent & Gina, you'll remember them from the Pyramid lake boat sinking story a few articles back.

Dave made plenty of time though, to complete two fly fishing rods he'd taken orders for way back in July just before his fall. They turned out terrific even though his fingers are "rusty" from lack of work. See the pics of the lucky couple accepting their rods.

We leave Reno tomorrow for the short trip to Mound House, NV and a short stay at the VanEmmerik RV Ranch. We're lucky they had only one space left when we called for reservations.

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