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Marilyn & I slept very well last night, and were up later than normal to start our day.

After we took the time to have our morning coffee, Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast

We read a couple of blogs this morning, which cracked us up.

Our friend, Mike Mills described clearing customs in Detroit after returning from Canada, and Marilyn laughed so hard that we thought she might have to make a quick bathroom trip. You may check his blog at: http://mills-travels.blogspot.com/

Then it was time to get started on as many of the chores as we can get done outdoors.

I unloaded all of the gifts for birthdays, and Christmas which we had kept in the Van, so that Marilyn could begin wrapping them.

I straightened up a few things in the basement storage area and then washed the front of the rig. We still had horse manure on the front of the rig. We picked that up in Indiana and had no decent weather to work outdoors to get it cleaned off.

I also tightened a loose bolt on the entry steps, sorted and tossed some excess junk, rinsed off the windows on the rig, lubricated all of the slide mechanism as well as the jacks and the landing gear, and worked to get things in the travel mode.

As the weather warmed today, the Japanese beetles came out and swarmed in the air. They were all over the rig and a power pole nearby was covered with them. We have killed 50 or more of them inside today.

Remember, we fought those beetles most of the winter last year and “here we go again”.

Marilyn & I have vowed to leave this area around October 1st next year because we do not want another repeat of the beetles.

While I was working outdoors, John walked over from the Cave and asked me to fill in for him at 5:00 today, so that he can go donate blood. I agreed to do that.

Marilyn made a run to town to pick up some things she needed and picked up some lunch, including a couple of large sodas, at Taco Bell.

On the way home, as she rounded a corner, one of the sodas fell out of the cup holder and spilled on the floor of the van. Her purse also tipped over and by the time she reached the RV, she was not a happy camper to say the least.

We spent much of the remainder of the afternoon taking care of inside chores.

I took a shower and dressed to give a tour, but I spent the time killing beetles until it was time for the tour.

We went out to fill the van with fuel for a day trip tomorrow Maybe I’ll tell you about that on another day.

I must say that Marilyn & I are so ready to hit the road again. We are talking of making a few changes in our travel patterns but that all remains to be seen.

We have many adventures waiting for us, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what adventures that day has in store…..

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