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The old hill-top defense site in Saint John

The Royal Princess, making Saint John's waterfront look very small

More beautiful old homes, as we drove around the city

The Reversing Falls, underneath the highway bridge - the tide was coming...

Campobello - FD Roosevelt's family summer home

Lighthouse at Campobello Island

Sunset at our campsite at Bar Harbor, Maine

We spent a little while this morning seeing a couple of highlights in Saint John - the old defensive hill (which did have a good view of the city but not much else) and the Reversing Falls. The tide was quite high, so the chocolate-brown water was certainly flowing up over the cascades. We then drove west along the Bay of Fundy, and crossed the American border at St. Stephen. Nice border guard - a lot of jokes about having fun travelling while he checked out the fridge and looked for refugees in the bathroom, then he told us to have good travels and waved us through. Unfortunately, an hour later we saw more customs guards. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's family had summer "cottages" on an island called Campobello in New Brunswick territory, but the only way to go see the estate is by driving over a bridge from a little town in Maine. So - we go over the bridge, through the Canadian customs, have a look at the visitor centre and watch their film, wander around the estates (you can't enter the house), go look at the lighthouse, then back across the bridge and through American customs again, where we go through all the routine again. Fortunately all customs people were in a good mood today, so we drove away and farther down the coast to our campground here at Bar Harbor. It closes tomorrow for the season, so we'll have to go farther to find a good rest stop for a while. We'll probably duck over the border into New Hampshire for a while also, but will probably have to skip Vermont this time - we have to keep going to stay in front of the SNOW.

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